Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What happened to

You’re looking at it! TripSet is the culmination of several years of work to evolve CCRA’s award-winning hotel booking platform to the next level. If you have bookings made in the old version, you can still access it until those bookings are traveled. Just log in at as normal.

Who can register for TripSet?

Any travel agency owner or individual agent can sign up on All that is required is your travel agency ID (TRUE, ARC, IATA, CLIA). If you are not the owner of the travel agency ID, your agency owner or host will have to approve you.

Do you carry all of the different hotel chains?

Yes, CCRA offers you access to all hotel inventories that are currently bookable via the GDS and other online distribution systems.

Will I find the lowest possible rate on TripSet?

The majority of the time CCRA rates will have the lowest rate availability due to our multiple inventory rate types. CCRA aggregates hotel inventories from the Web and GDS providers, giving you access to the widest selection of inventories available in one place.

Whose IATA number is in the reservation record?

The CCRA IATA is used for all bookings made through TripSet.

Room Rates and Payment Types

Which rate type should I choose?

By qualifying your clients' needs, you will be able to determine the rate required, payment type, and room type. CCRA provides you with the widest array of hotel inventories along with the ability to make the most money and the best decision for you and your client.

Does Marriott provide a CCRA Negotiated Travel Agent Rate?

Marriott offers the lowest available rate to CCRA, without requiring a travel agent to search by rate code. All Marriott hotels are in partnership with CCRA and provide the CCRA rate guarantees.

Payment Types

Guarantees, deposits, or pre-payments are payments that may be required to reserve a hotel booking in advance of the hotel stay.


A charge is not made to the credit card. Rather, the card number is held against a cancellation that violates the hotel's cancellation policy.


A charge is made to the credit card (typically one night's stay). If the booking is canceled, the deposit is forfeited to the supplier.


Requires payment at the time of booking for part or all of the hotel stay at the time of booking.

If the booking is canceled, the amount or availability of a refund varies according to the rules associated with the specified booking code (RatePlanType).

Please note that all hotels require a credit card on file for either pre-payment or to guarantee/secure the reservation.

Searching, Pricing, and Working With Your Clients

How do I view hotel room details?

Select the property from the search results page and you will see the hotel description and images. Click on the Details button to advance to room availability, expanded details, additional images, and the map view.

Am I able to modify a booking? (dates, bedding)

Presently, hotel bookings cannot be modified in TripSet. CCRA bookings must be cancelled and the reservation must be re-booked. Please contact CCRA customer service for assistance with booking modifications. Some pre-paid bookings have penalties associated with any changes or cancellations, but these can usually be avoided as long as the cancellation is made outside of the hotel’s cancellation policy window. Again, all hotels are different, so it’s best to check with the hotel prior to making the booking. Non-refundable rates do not allow any changes.

I need a property located near the airport. How can I find that?

You have two options available:

  1. Search by the Airport zip code, which will return all inventories within that zip code.
  2. Enter the word "Airport" in the advanced search space for Hotel name. All hotels with the word Airport in the name will be returned.

How do I know if breakfast is included?

Click on the room description for each room to read the individual rate policies. This information is dependent on the room type booked.

How do I know who to call if my client has customer care issues at the hotel?

Please call the help desk here at CCRA at +1 800-771-7327 or email us at and we will do our best to help you rectify the situation.

Earning & Collecting Commissions

How long does it take to receive commission payments?

Commission payments vary depending on the type of inventory chosen; however, CCRA issues commission checks monthly as follows:

Commissions for TripSet bookings are confirmed directly from property inventory and are subject to individual hotel policy and are normally based on the completion date of the stay. Commission, if applicable, is paid by CCRA within 30 days of receipt of payment from the hotel, which is normally 30-45 days after guest checkout. See the Commissions Policy page for a full explanation.

How can I be sure that I will receive commission credit for my bookings?

Your login is tied to your agency's TRUE/ARC/IATA/CLIA number. That number is directly tied to your agency's CCRA I.D. number. The agency's tax ID is required for US agencies only in their agency profile.

Is my commission always 100% guaranteed?

You must book a commissionable rate in order to receive commission. This is indicated in the policies of each room.

Will I receive my commission if the traveler cancels?

No, your commission will be forfeited if the traveler cancels or is a no-show.

What if my commission payment is past due?

The TripSet booking page is your best option for getting commission status information on your reservations. After checking the commission status of a consumed reservation on TripSet, check with your travel agency to make sure the agency profile information, such as tax ID, is up to date in the TripSet system. Commission payment can only be sent if the required tax ID data is on record. Should additional assistance be required, please email us at Be sure to include the booking information in your email.

Modifications and Cancelations

How do I cancel a booking that I previously made?

To cancel any reservation, click on the Tools menu in the top right of the website then select Bookings. All cancelled reservations will be noted with a Cancellation tag. Please note the cancellation policy to see if penalties apply to your booking.

How can I resend a reservation confirmation?

Easy! On the booking details page, you will see a button right under the page heading which says Resend Confirmation. This will immediately resend your confirmation to you.

Booking Groups

How many rooms can I book at once? Can I book multiple rooms?

TripSet allows you to book up to 8 rooms in one transaction on certain hotels. CCRA inventories must be booked one room at a time. We have a group reservation tool for booking 9 rooms or more, located in the Tools menu.

How do I make a group booking for more than 8 rooms?

There is a group bookings tool under the Tools menu on TripSet. You will receive a response within 48 hours.

Who do I contact for group booking questions?

Once you receive your initial quote, you may respond to that quote to ask additional questions.

How do I receive commissions for group bookings?

Commissions are paid directly from the provider, not from CCRA/TripSet. Group bookings are also not reported through the TripSet reporting tool.

Error Messages

Whenever an error message is returned, please make note of the error message code or take a screen shot of the error message. This will enable us to assist you faster.

Taking a Screen Shot: (Alt + Print Screen on a PC, Shift + Command + 4 on a Mac)

"This transaction cannot be processed."

The transaction was declined because of an error in the credit card data. Either the address provided did not match the address on file for this credit card, the credit card number is invalid, or the credit card verification number was incorrect. Please make the appropriate corrections and try your booking again. If this error persists, please select another card or contact Do not resubmit the same card data, as multiple invalid attempts may cause multiple authorizations on the credit card account.

“The organization suffix of your email address is invalid."

This error message indicates that the email address provided is incorrect. Specifically, the organization. For example: may have been mistakenly input as Please go to "My Account" and correct your email address, then click on "Update" at the bottom of the page. Once this is completed, please process your transaction again.

"A valid first and last name of one adult guest must be specified for each room you wish to reserve."

If you are booking more than 1 room, a unique adult name must be supplied for each room. The same name may not be used to reserve more than 1 room - each room must be reserved with a different guest name.

Booking GDS Rates

What are GDS rates?

GDS rates are the traditional rates that hotels provide via the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) such as Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo/Apollo, and Worldspan.

What rates are available via the GDS category?

Any rate that a hotel offers via Amadeus is available via the GDS category, including Promotional, Rack, and CCRA Negotiated Rates.

How quickly will I receive my commission for GDS bookings?

Hotels pay GDS commissions anywhere from one week to six months after guest departure. CCRA sends the commission to you within 30 days of receiving it from the hotel. Additionally, CCRA tracks the status of the commission on your behalf.

What commission amount should I expect for GDS reservations?

Typically, hotels pay 8% - 10% for GDS reservations. CCRA retains 2% of commissions for all TripSet bookings.

What is the guest payment policy for GDS reservations?

This is dependent on the hotel policy as to whether there is a guarantee or deposit required. If it is deposit required, one-night room and tax will be charged at least 24 hours prior to arrival. A guarantee means the guest will pay upon check out.

Are GDS reservations pre-paid?

Not typically. GDS reservations are paid by the guest upon check-out. There are rare occasions that a GDS reservation will be pre-paid. Please read payment requirements carefully.

Can I set the commission I want to earn for GDS reservations?

No, the hotel sets the commission policy and amount for a GDS reservation.

How will I track my commissions for GDS bookings?

All reservations made in TripSet are reported through the Bookings link located on the Tools menu of TripSet. Included is the status of each reservation and associated status of commission.

What is the commission collection process for GDS bookings?

See the Commissions page for a full explanation.

Booking Internet Discount Rates

Internet Discount or NET Rates are no longer offered by CCRA.