Commissions Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are commissions paid?

It is important to understand that commission payment procedures vary depending upon the hotel and rate category of the booking.

Commission is subject to individual hotel policy and normally based on the completion date of the stay. Average turn-around on Domestic US hotels is 30-45 days after completion of stay for CCRA to receive payment. International bookings are typically paid 45-90 days after completion of stay for CCRA to receive payment. Commission, if applicable, is paid by CCRA on the 15th and 30th of each month after receipt of payment from the hotel.

  • In order to receive your commission, the customer must arrive at the hotel and complete the stay as confirmed.

If the reservation is cancelled or the client is a "no-show" your commission is forfeited.

How can I track my commissions?

You have complete access to all your bookings.
  1. In the main menu click on "Tools"
  2. Click on "Bookings"
What are the criteria for commission payments?

A reservation must actually be completed by the customer, meaning they arrived at the hotel as arranged and did not cancel their hotel reservation. Once the reservation has been consumed, we must collect the commission from the supplier. After we collect, we will pay your commission on the next weekly commission cycle.

Tips to remember

Non-Prepaid Reservations

In general, US domestic hotels pay commissions within 30-45 days of departure. CCRA has partnered with Pegasus, TACS and WPS to ensure your commissions are paid. International Hotels pay commissions on average 60-90 days after departure. CCRA invoices all international hotels within 10 days of your client's departure. CCRA is unable to open a new commission inquiry submitted after 6 months of completion of the hotel stay.

A Note to Agency Administrators

Please take a moment to review your agency profile to ensure your Federal Tax ID is included. No commissions will be paid to US agents without this information. To ensure timely payments, it is important that you update your profile with any changes as they occur.